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Are there side effects to laser hair removal

Since the advent of laser techniques in the mid-nineties, it is one of the most common methods of treatment in doctors and cosmetic clinics to remove hair from the face and chin, arms, legs and underarms and sensitive areas and the rest of the body, because of its efficiency, speed and accuracy, without feeling pain, Some may be afraid of their use or exposure, and wonder about the complications or side effects that may be left by the use of these techniques.

In the presence of the latest technologies and devices associated with the laser, and the expertise of doctors and laser therapists, has decreased the side effects of the laser a lot, but if found, it is normal and temporary, which is as follows:

Redness of laser exposed area

Redness of the skin and swelling in the area exposed to the laser, change the color of the skin to acquire purple color during the treatment.

Temporary pain in some women
Some women who undergo this treatment may complain of temporary, moderate pain, but may cause skin irritation, skin rash and redness. All of these symptoms can be treated with medications prescribed by the doctor.

Temporary change in skin color in some cases
In some cases if the laser is excessive it causes a change in the skin color. Some white spots may appear in areas that have undergone hair removal or, conversely, some dark spots may appear. In most cases they may disappear after weeks of the session.

Burns in the skin if used incorrectly
In cases where laser techniques are used improperly or inexperienced by doctors or laser therapists or when the temperature is high, it may cause burns in the skin at varying degrees depending on the color of the skin.

Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the expertise of doctors who use laser techniques to remove body hair.

The most significant side effects of laser techniques for hair removal were reviewed, most of them are normal and temporary effects due to the nature of the laser beams used, and others are due to the failure of laser therapists.

We invite you to learn about the best laser hair removal techniques at Al Rawnq Medical Complex, through expert experts who are at your disposal.