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In Al Rawnq experts to take care of your beauty, through the use of the latest laser hair removal technology, as many women suffer from multiple problems in the growth of hair body, such as growing growth or density or the speed of growth or growth in places undesirable or embarrassing. The traditional methods were inadequate and disturbing in terms of time and effort, so laser techniques to remove body hair in the mid-nineties, appeared as approved hair removal using these techniques in the United States of America in 1997 by the Food and Drug Authority to reduce permanent hair, after They were tested for twenty years before they became available for use in hospitals and medical centers, and today they are common in most medical clinics.

At Al Rawnq Medical Complex, the latest high quality and safe laser hair removal equipment is used, such as the American Gentle Laser Pro and the Gentle Max Skin.

If you have unwanted hair growth, do not hesitate to visit Al Rawnq to help you with specialist doctors, and now book your appointment.

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