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Tips to keep your teeth with a great smile

The whiteness of the teeth and the health of the mouth, which disturbs the majority of people and are keen to find solutions beneficial to that, as clean teeth white one of the reasons that increase the brightness of the face and make the person with a distinctive and attractive smile, so must take preventive measures to protect them from caries and yellowing and the problems and pains of different teeth.
In this article we will discuss ways to maintain teeth in simple steps and easy for everyone:

Clean your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day at least

Care should be taken to clean the teeth at least twice a day, preferably after each meal, to make sure to remove plaque layer that accumulate on the teeth and cause decay.
We recommend that you choose good types of toothpaste that contains fluoride, which protects the teeth from decay or necrosis. The toothbrush should have soft, convergent hairs to ensure that it enters the narrow spaces.

We recommend that you follow the correct method of cleaning your teeth using the brush and putty. There are some mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. They move the brush from right to left, causing a lot of problems for the gums. The right way is to move the brush from the top down.

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Clean teeth using medical thread
As the medical thread works to remove lingering food residues between the teeth which are difficult to remove at times using the brush.

The correct way to use the medical thread is to put between the teeth to form the letter C, and then pull the thread to remove what is stuck between them, and prefer to use this method after eating any meal.

Always use siwak

Sawwak is one of the preventive means to protect teeth because it contains the most important material of fluoride anti-decay, and helps to prevent dry mouth, and maintain the smell of good, has been used by the Prophet peace be upon him to clean his teeth, and recommended Muslims after him to increase the use.

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Eat healthy foods
Eating healthy foods is one of the most common habits that contribute to the safety of teeth, and not to increase the intake of carbohydrates and sugars produced by bacteria producing acids that dissolve tooth enamel. Examples of foods that should be avoided are foods that contain more than 15 to 20% sugar, It sticks to teeth such as honey, caramel, slow-dissolving sugars and sugary and starchy foods such as biscuits.

Stay away from smoking
Smoking is one of the causes of tooth decay, yellowing and blackness. It also causes unpleasant smell in the mouth, which makes others avoid you. The dangers of smoking go beyond tooth decay and yellowing, so we recommend that you follow a well-thought-out program to quit smoking permanently.

Keep away from some unhealthy behaviors of your teeth while eating
Some of the behaviors that affect the health of teeth, including breaking the nuts between the teeth, or eating a set of sweets that stick to the teeth and difficult to remove, and should be away from eating any kind of sweets before the immortal to sleep so that sugar does not remain between the teeth of the morning and thus decay and break in addition to inflammation Redness of the gums.

Visit the dentist at the Medical Complex to conduct a periodic examination of the teeth, or when feeling pain
Visiting a dentist for a routine dental health examination is essential to ensure safety and protection against risk before it is aggravated. We recommend that you periodically check your teeth every 3 to 6 months to ensure the safety and protection of your teeth.

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