Firas Bin Al Nader Street, Al-'Olayya District, Khobar City, Saudi Arabia


The leading medical complex providing the best medical and cosmetic services in the Eastern Region

About Complex

Al Rawnq Medical Complex, the leading provider of dental and beauty services in its various specialties, and beauty care and skin care through its leather and laser departments in Al Khobar, Eastern Province, where Al Rawnq provides comprehensive and superior care of quality and international standards, always developed for clients, by experts from consultants, doctors, nurses and technicians who are keen to provide the best services using medical equipment and technology, in an integrated and convenient location for our Clients.

We consider society to be one of our top priorities, so we strive to achieve the highest levels of health care not only in the provision of health and treatment services, but also in educating patients and people in order to promote health, safety awareness in society.


Alrawnaq In Numbers

أعضاء الفريق الطبي المتواجدون لخدمتك
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To contribute to the scientific and therapeutic renaissance in the field of oral and dental health care to improve the quality of life and public health to preserve the human dignity as God wants

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The community should contribute to health care at the highest levels


The community should contribute to the field of knowledge


To take care of preventive and curative care in front of the scientific and moral fields


Achieving the principles of human and collective protection